Final stencil idea

Yesterday, I decided to work towards my final outcome. I thought about it thoroughly, and decided to draw primary influence from my primary research, Takashi Murakami. He art is so good, it represents everything I love about Japan: the imagination.

I want to create stencils that show the same levels of imagination and creativity as Murakami’s art work. But, am torn between using the stencils I already have or making new ones. I am leaning towards the former,because I have made loads of stencils since we started are FMP and I can use them as many times as I want, though I might still make new stencils.

So, I spent the whole day making new stencils to use for next week. I only made one stencil print, and looking at it afterwards, I realise I need to go bigger with my work. Just before I went home, I drew a large shape onto a sheet of A3 and started to paint it with my new acrylic paints (earlier I bought 3 new tubes of paint, along with 3 new pencils).

Next week, I will make examples of my final stencil print and perhaps make more stencils.


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