My final stencil-first example

Today, I continued my work towards my final stencil print. I finished my painted base for my stencils, then proceeded to make a new stencil, but it fell apart. Eventually, I decided to just go forward with my print, but unfortunately, one of my cans of spray paint became blocked again. This is getting annoying, but at-least I met someone who has had similar problems, so am not the only one. As for my print, it turned out pretty well, but I will have to make a few more examples before I reach my final outcome.

After lunch, I made more stencils, but with Easter coming up, I felt it a better use of my time to draw another example of what my final stencil print will look like inside my sketchbook. So far, it looks good, but I now I need to focus my time on what my final outcome will look like. I also need to buy a new journal.

I also need to try to order goldsmith spray paint, the same brand of spray paint I used in college and what I initially used for my FMP work. It is a better brand of spray paint than the brand I have been using, as it doesn’t get blocked as easily and lasts longer.

Featured image


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