Stencil making and tutorial

I didn’t do a lot of work today. I wanted to make more stencils, but I didn’t have any card paper and Dylan the technician wasn’t in, which was a shame since he is the only one who knows where it is. So, I drew what my next stencil would look like inside my sketchbook. Am afraid after that, I didn’t do much work and just fiddled about. I wanted to think of something for my next print, but I couldn’t. We are nearing the end and I am stuck trying to think of a great stencil for my final print.

I just drew 3 possible stencil designs inside my book, and listened to music on my phone (which I spend too much time on).

After lunch, I had a group tutorial with the same group from last week. And just like last week, we each discussed our work and where we are on them. I also had to do a new action plan for this week and next. Here it is:

1. Think of final outcome for FMP

2. Use previous stencils for final printing

3. Print out research and annotate for next week

4. Order stencil paper

I might try to order stencil paper tonight. As for next week, I’ll just wait and see where I go from here.


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