Transcending the Signified Private View

Tonight, I attend the private viewing of Transcending the Signified, by Quilla Constance AKA Jennifer Allen.

First, she played a cello for a few minutes, then she got up and started talking in a strange, gibberish language. One minute she is silent, and the next, she starts screaming. It was very off-putting at first, but I remembered that this was the theme of the exhibition.To explore possibilities for performance and communication beyond normal boundaries of modern culture.


The performance was fantastic, and the artist was clearly enjoying herself. She invited some of the viewers to take part in her performance, including me and my Dad. We both politely refused, though we continued to watch.

It was a fun evening at the fire station, and gave me some new ideas for my artwork.

The exhibition is on until September 2nd. I highly recommend this amazing exhibition.

Tomorrow, I will cover the Lego exhibition at the Southland in London.










She would dance, stand still, and scream without warning. Her performance was wild, unpredictable and unorthodox, but fitted the theme of the exhibition extremely well.



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