Story in the Modern Art

As I mentioned in a previous post, I had to perform a special task at the Modern Art Oxford. I had to pick my favourite piece of art that is currently on display, and write a short story about it. After that, I had to share my story with some of the visitors. In the end, I only shared my story with one visitors. AT least she enjoyed it.

The piece of art I chose for my story was one of the large-scale drawings of Aleksandra Mir. I have been thinking about doing more drawing in the future, since drawing with paint is too chaotic and less precise.

Aside from that, it was another slow day in the Modern Art Oxford. Fortunately, I have a day off next week, so I can have a nice, well-earned rest.

Tomorrow, I will be attending the Transcending the Signified exhibition at the fire station with my dad, and then I Friday, we will go to London and attend an exhibition of Lego sculptures, each one based on a superhero from DC comics.


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