Second day of Voluntary work, AKA, Please don’t cross the line!

It was my second day of voluntary work at the Modern Art Oxford gallery, and the gallery had more people this time, which meant this was a busier day than last week.

First, I had to stand watch over the Rose Finn-Kelcey exhibition. Specifically, the exhibtion space that had a staircase installation that was overlooking a pile of coins that were arranged into the image of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers in a vase. It is a fantastic display, and I highly recommend it for fans of Vincent Van Gogh.

I had to hand out information leaflets to several visitors, at one point I met a foreign visitor and he had trouble understanding me. Fortunately, a senior member of the gallery was on hand to help me sort everything out.

After lunch, I went to the Aleksandra Mir exhibition room and watched over the artwork. I had to ask several visitors to stay within the space and not to cross the white line. Half the people who came into the room stepped over the line and I had to tell them not to do it.

Overall, today was more active than last week, and next week, I will have a special task to perform.



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