Volunteering at the Modern At Oxford

Sorry for the long wait. I’ve been job hunting over the summer, and trying to relax as much as possible. So, I haven’t found any part-time work. However, I was able to find volunteer work at the Modern Art gallery in Oxford.

Today was my first day as a volunteer, and I was very excited. I have done voluntary work before, at the Sarah Wiseman gallery in Summer Town, but the Modern Art Oxford is more well-known and public and many great artists have displayed their work at the gallery.

For my voluntary work, I had to watch over the current exhibitions, the large-scale drawings of Aleksandra Mir and the experimental artwork of Rose Finn-Kelcey. For four hours (1-5) I had to look at the art, making sure no one touches them and welcoming visitors into the gallery. I also had to answer questions and hand out information pamphlets when necessary. It was a very slow day, but ultimately rewarding. This experience will be beneficial for my future employment (assuming I can still find employment). I have agreed to continue my voluntary work every Wednesday this summer.

After I had finished, I went to visit my father, who was working at the old fire station gallery. Once there, I was informed that I have been offered more voluntary on the first of August. I have been asked to come in and help the staff install the latest on two large pieces of artwork. I will give them my answer soon.

The art at the Modern Art gallery was great, especially the large-scale drawings of Mir. The theme of Mir’s drawings is space exploration and our complex relationship with satellite technology. I didn’t ask permission to take pictures and post them on my blog, but here is a sample of Mir’s other work.

Rose Finn-Kelcey’s artwork is heavily influenced by politics and identity, and her exhibition displays a variety of artwork across different mediums, such as photography, installation and film.

Between the two artists, my favorite is Aleksandra Mir and her drawings. The attention to detail, the use of space on the wall and shifting tones is exquisite and masterful.

Overall, today was a great experience for me. While I may not get any part-time work, my voluntary position at the Modern Art Oxford will help me in the long run.



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