Last day

It was my last day in the studio, and I couldn’t be happier.

First, I had a meeting with Tom Dale to discuss the current amount of research I have done for my dissertation. Tom was very impressed with the work I have done thus far. He suggested that I look at some news articles to help further my research, as well as some films that connect with the seven sins.

I have already thought of a study plan, though it may change slightly during the summer. My plan is to read one book, watch one film, read one or two articles and read one comic. Each of these different medium will connect to one of the seven deadly sins. Afterwards, I will write-up my thought on them on a word document.

Later in the afternoon, I collected my work from RO4, and Paul talked to us about when we will get our results and to come and see him or a member of staff to talk about our dissertations.

I plan on going home sometime this week, so I need to continue packing.

It has been a stressful year 2, and year 3 will be even harder, so I want to try and relax and have as much fun as possible before September.


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