Seven Deadly Sins: Hisoka (Lust)

Sorry it took so long. I needed to think about my choice of anime villain for lust. That, and I had university. And with that said, let us continue the theme of anime villains as incarnations of the seven deadly sins. Today, we look at the sin of lust.

Lust is a strong sexual desire towards someone of the opposite sex. It’s not romantic, its pleasure, pure and unbridled pleasure. Now, Lust isn’t always considered a sin. Like greed and the other sins, lust doesn’t become a sin unless taken too far. For example, if you are in love with someone, you want to try to pursue a romantic relationship with them. This is normal for anyone who has a crush. However, this attraction can turn into an obsession, leading to lustful thoughts towards the object of your “affection”. By this point, you no longer want the person for love, but for your own pleasure. Someone with lustful intentions usually wants to have sex for its own sake, not caring about the feelings of the other person. Lust can lead to entering an affair with someone who is married, stalking the object of their desire, forcing themselves onto the person (which often results in rape) or even murder that person when their desires are rebuffed or ignored.

Lust and obsession is depicted extremely well in the 1987 thriller, Fatal Attraction, where Glenn Close plays a woman who becomes obsessed with Michael Douglas after a one night stand, and spends the rest of the film stalking him. This is a pure example of unrestrained lust and obsession, when manifested into someone who is mentally unstable.

When one has lustful thoughts towards someone, he/she sees them as a means to achieve a sexual high and satisfaction.

I thought about this for a long time, and I have decided that there is one person who best personifies lust and the need to satisfy their lust.

That person, is Hisoka, from Hunter X Hunter.

Hisoka is a very mysterious character. Cunning, flamboyant, and extremely ruthless, Hisoka desires a strong opponent, someone who will fight him to the death and push him to his limits.

Now, how does this tie into the sin of Lust? Well, because Hisoka’s lust for blood shade is the only thing that arouses him, and fighting against a strong fighter will allow him to achieve a sexual climax.

Let’s take this scene above for example. It is right after Hisoka’s encounter with Leorio and Kurapika, and Hisoka’s blood lust started to rise. He was aroused by the determination in their eyes, and this made him want to quench this lust as soon as possible. He almost went into a frenzy, and needed to kill someone to quench his thirst for blood.

This is further explored through his interactions with Gon, especially during their fight in the Heaven’s Arena arc. The look of determination, rage and strength in Gon’s eyes was enough to drive Hisoka into an orgasmic frenzy.

And when Gon started beating him up, Hisoka was so aroused by this, he had to will himself to control his growing lust.

You see, Hisoka derives sexual satisfaction through fighting someone who is strong, who emits a strong aura of Nen. This attraction to power is so strong, Hisoka will develop an erection just from being in the presence of someone who has the potential to develop an extremely power amount of Nen. He also seems to take pleasure in getting beaten, though this has been explored enough in the manga.

His obsession with hunting a worthy opponent or “prey” is so strong, he will go into a killing frenzy when aroused enough and kill anyone who gets in his way.

However, Hisoka has enough control over his urges to stop him from killing Gon on the spot, because he wants Gon to grow stronger and stronger. Basically, he wants the fruit to “ripen” and then enjoy it at its fullest. To him, Gon is simply a means to achieve the ultimate form of pleasure and he wants Gon to grow stronger until he is ready to fight him again.

Now, Hisoka’s obsession with Gon is extremely disturbing, to point of pedophilia. But, he doesn’t want to rape Gon or have sexual intercourse with him. As far as we know, Hisoka’s sexual preferences are unknown for the most part, though some have labeled him as bisexual, pansexual or polysexual.

Hisoka’s desire to get close to Gon is physical, but not in a sexual way (though he did have a perverse look on his face while staring at Gon’s ass). He drives pleasure from physical confrontations against people who emit strong Nen, and the stronger the Nen, the more intoxicated Hisoka becomes.

In essence, Hisoka craves power, specifically, power from someone who he deems worthy of fighting. If he deems you strong enough, he will fight you, simply to satisfy his lustful cravings. However, if you are not strong, he will lose interest in you.

This is best shown during the Yorknew arc, where Hisoka infiltrates the criminal group, the Phantom Troupe. His goal is to fight the leader, Chrollo Lucifer, and experience his power first hand. Throughout the arc, Hisoka manipulates the troupe, as well as forming an alliance with Kurapika (who has a vendetta against the group for killing his clan) in order to get close to Chrollo.

Near the end of the arc, Hisoka discovers that Chrollo can’t use his powers, making him defenseless. Hisoka quickly loses interest and leaves, disappointed and unfulfilled.

Lust isn’t always sexual. Sometimes, it can be a lust for money, power, or adrenaline. In Hisoka’s case, his lust is for fighting against someone who has great power. He strives to find the ultimate opponent, someone who has great strength and overwhelming power and fight them to the finish. His lust for finding someone who has great power, and fighting them, is so strong and intense, he will use any method he can use to achieve this goal. Even murder.

Next sin will be Wrath.


Note: I don’t own any of the images above. They belong to their respective owners and creators.








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