Clean up

With most of the third year students making their work for the upcoming show, I spent most of the day helping them clean up their spaces and the upstairs studio. I gathered as much rubbish I could find, and threw it in the skip. I spent most of the morning throwing away any rubbish I saw in the studio, and going up and down the stairs to the skip.

After lunch, I walked around the studio, asking anyone if they needed any help. At first, there wasn’t much for me to do, so I just sat down and waited. Eventually, I was asked to mop the floor of Rosie’s space, which was covered in ketchup stains. She needed the ketchup for her installation, which involved painting the word death on one of her walls. I will ask her for more details on her artwork next week.

I got a mop and a bucket, and cleaned the floor as best as could. Rosie was very grateful. In addition to helping Rosie, I helped one-third year student hang up his work, scrapped dried paint off the floor of another and cut strands of double-sided sticky for another. Overall, it was a very busy day for me. I have never worked so hard in one day before, and everyone were very grateful for my help. They said I was the best year 2 student.

It felt good to help the third years, and seeing their work gave me some insight as to what I should expect when I become a third year in September.


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