Helping Rosie

Out of all the third year students I have helped, Rosie is the one I have helped the most. First, I helped remove the tape from her wall, I swept her floor yesterday, and today, I held her ruler while she drew lines on her walls. The reason for this is because she was drawing the words “life” and “Death” on each wall, and planned on putting making tape over them. I don’t the exact purpose of her artwork, but I was happy to help.

I also did more painting, and painted three sections of  a wall in the lower end of the studio. It was slightly harder than the painting I did yesterday, but I managed to finish it.

At 11.00 in the morning, I met with Kate, and we talked about my dissertation. I still have sins as my primary subject, and together, we looked at blogs and articles that relate to the sins. I really don’t want to do this, but it’s part of my bloody course and I have to do it. Sometimes I wonder if they want me to have any enjoyment at all?


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