Painting and sweeping

I continued to help the third years with their preparations. First, I swept the floor of one of Rosie’s space, which was a pain. Rosie is one of the third year students, and I have seen her around the downstairs studio. I helped her remove the tape from her wall on Tuesday, and I agreed to help her sweep yesterday.

I would have continued, but I had a meeting with Paul. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss my upcoming dissertation, and how many words I need to write for it.The standard is 8000 words, but we agreed that I should just stick to 5000.

We also talked about my subject, and for the moment, I have chosen the seven deadly sins and how they influence modern society. I have done research on the subject before, and I will add more to it by taking notes and reading articles and books that relate to the sins.

I might change my mind, but for now, this is my subject for my dissertation.

After lunch, I went back to the upstairs studio, and asked if anyone needed any help. A male third year asked if I could help him paint his space, and I happily agreed. I’ve always preferred painting over anything else, and I really enjoyed using a roller to paint the third year student’s wall.

After that, I went to another space and tried to scrape dried paint off the floor and it was very frustrating.

Feeling like I’ve done enough for the day, I left the studio.





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