Helping third years

Today, I helped the third years set up their show in the upstairs studio. I painted the walls, removed a few staples, and tried to remove a sheet of tape from the wall (which proved to be very difficult).

I didn’t do much more later on, though I did ask a few third years if they needed any help in the downstairs studio.

I had my final critical theory today (yes!!), plus a special presentation on the value of art. It was presented by Joe, another student on the fine art course, and it was very good and informative. He mentioned how the value of Damien Hirst’s shark in Formaldehyde would effected if he were to pass away and the piece were to fall apart over time. He also brought up the work of Jeff Koons, and presented his own response to Koons bronze balloon poodle, with a bronze painted balloon (which he popped with a screw).

Later on, I went to a lecture that was being held by Jennifer Thatcher, an art critic. This lecture was a continuation from our discussion on art criticism and it’s  place in contemporary art. Thatcher gave us good advice on how to write a review, her own experience as a freelance art critic and quotes from several art critics. I would have stayed for the end, but it was getting late and I was getting tired (waking up early will do that). So, I left the room as quietly as possible. Hopefully, I didn’t offend Ms. Thatcher.

It was a busy day, and tomorrow will be just as busy, especially my meeting with Paul at 11.00.


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