Summer project

I didn’t get to help any third year students, but I did get some insight as to what I have to do for my third year.

I need to write a dissertation, where I have to choose a topic I am very interested in and generate discussion on the themes related to it. I need to do extensive reading on my subject, including articles, essays and similar dissertations. My dissertation needs to be at least 4000 words. This is going to be a pain.


Look, I know I have to do this, but it feels like I am going to have melt down just from writing the first hundredth paragraph.

During the summer, I also need to volunteer at an art gallery or an establishment that relates to fine art, and work their for at least 14 days. The problem will be finding any place that will take me, just like last year when I tried to find an art gallery that would take me on.

I didn’t have much work to do today, but I will have a theory at 1.30 (ugh) and artists talks at about 3.30 (Ugh!!!)


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