Theory and Painting

Today’s critical theory was very insightful. We read a theory sheet on critics, their role in reviewing art (or anything related to media), how the public views them and it’s relevancy in today’s world.

I have been thinking about doing more reviews on my blog, and this theory session ties into my interest very well. It made me think about my own opinions on certain media that I like, such as comics and films. It also connects to my previous reviews of the private viewings from February and March. I don’t know if we will continue this topic next week, but I certainly wouldn’t mind.

As for my final paintings, they are looking very good.

I had to go over the third eye with white acrylic two or three times today, because the iris didn’t look right and was lop-sided. I forgot that I needed something round to trace with.

Compared to my red eyes, these eyes are more realistic. I looked at the images and pictures of eyes that I have printed, and I saw all the little veins, muscles and irises. I wanted to make my eyes as detailed as possible, so I used the bottom of a tub of paint to draw an outline for my iris, and painted it soon afterwards. I also used a roll of tape to draw the outline for the pupil. Using red acrylic, I painted the veins around the edges of my eyes.

My work has progressed so well, and soon I will be ready to hand everything in.



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