Eyes and Reflective Journal

This morning, I went to the library and continued to write in my reflective/critical journey. I logged onto my blog, and read through my recent posts. From there, I wrote down the key points, and expanded on them in my journal. I really should try to write in my journal on a more daily basis, yet I find it easier to type everything up onto my blog.

I spoke with Kate about all of my work I still have to do, and it feels like a ton of work. I also talked about my work with Fiona, but only for a little bit.

I wanted to make a start on my tondos, but I had to use the machine again,. I didn’t mind using the machine, but I had to do it in a certain way. Kate helped me and we cut a large piece of wood. We cut it in three separate piece, and I wanted to cut my tondos from the pieces, but Kate insisted on doing the “correct” way. I grew impatient, and went back to my studio.

I went back to the library, and continued my work on my eyes word document. I added more to my document, like why I choose eyes for my art, and how it is tied into my earlier work.

Before I went home, I went back to the studio, and tried to work on my tondos. First, I painted each one with white acrylic, then once all three had dried completely, I started to paint my own eyes onto them. I only managed to paint two tondos.


The first one looks great, but the second looked wrong to me. I will work on it tomorrow.


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