Eyes and Talk

With time running out, I made as much progress as I could on my studio work. In addition to my paintings, I also went to the library and did research on artwork focusing on eyes. I also looked at the work of Henrik Uldalen, a self-taught artist from Norway, whose figurative artwork is very dark and macabre. Here is an example:

I looked at his oil paintings of eyes on glass, and they looked great.



As you can see, my paintings are progressing very well. I just need to work on my final painting, and I think I have an idea. Tomorrow, I will make three small tondos, and paint three pictures of my eye (left, right and front). I could also paint larger versions of the multi colored eyes from my sketch book. They do look more vivid and fun. I want to have fun with my artwork, so I might go in that direction instead.

At 3.30, I went to another artist talk, where the artist talked about how femininity is explored in her oil paintings and prints. Her artwork was very good, but I just kept thinking about my own work, and how I need to finish it soon.




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