Back to studio

During the Easter break, I finally finished my essay for critical theory. Once I had finished, I uploaded a copy of my essay onto my uca page.

Aside from that, I also thought about my final painting, switching back and forth between my duality paintings and my eye paintings.

When I got to my studio, I continued my eye paintings, though my latest one is slightly different.


I thought about doing an eye like this over the Easter break, thought it turned differently than what I had intended.

I wanted to continue, but Paul called another (mandatory) meeting in the studio downstairs. He told us about an artist talk tomorrow, as well as plans for the remainder of this year.

We will be working with third year students on their upcoming exhibition, which means we will have to move all of our things from our studios and put them away before summer holidays. We also have to finish any studio work and hand it in by the fourth of May.

I continued with my eye paintings, and I think I have a good idea what my final painting will look like.


My current idea is to paint large pictures of my eyes, and hang them on a wall.

That is my current plan, but I might change it back to a duality painting. In-fact, I continued my duality paintings, but I got frustrated because the first layer of paint I applied wouldn’t dry fast enough and mixed with the second layer I was putting on.

Another typical studio day.



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