Look, I understand that teachers need to tell us things we need to do and when we need to do it, as it is part of our studio practice. but, must they drag on and on and on?

Paul spent the rest of the afternoon talking to us about today’s theory, which is actually very similar to my duality plans. The theory covered artwork that has too sides, and the horrors of what we don’t see. it was very insightful. However, he spent the rest of the afternoon talking to us about our critical and reflective journals, and our research folders. Things that we already know. I just can’t stand it when people go on and on, reiterating things the audience already knows.

I did managed to take some pictures of some of the other paintings I made yesterday, and I also collected two pieces of wood from the workshop, which I plan to use for my final painting. I also had my CEP (contemporary exhibition practice) presentation in RO4. Everyone liked are presentation, especially the video that Fillip made about our intervention at the Pitt Rivers.

With Easter next week, I need to make a start and start planning my final painting for year 2. I also plan on going to at-least one exhibition during the Easter break, and give myself some new ideas for my artwork.

Before I went home, I went back to the studio and continued to work on my duality paintings. I chose to go over two of my paintings from the other day, and the results were more satisfying. I especially liked the extra work I did on the second one, going over it with orange and red acrylic. I know I can get this image right, I just need to work on it more.


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