Essay and Auerbach

I finished my report yesterday, and today, I finally finished my essay for critical theory. At-least, I hope so. I may need to go over it one more time, but I think I have covered everything.

I spent the rest of the day in my studio, painting my circles. I still want to continue my duality paintings, but I can’t think of the perfect visual for it.

My circular paintings on the other hand are progressing very well.


Before, I only applied two layers of paint, but now, I have decided to add more, at-least three or five.

Suddenly, I had a great idea. Why not add extra layers of paint to the other halves of my duality paintings. I can keep the one side of my face, while applying layers of paint on the other, and drawing my “other” face with the brushstrokes.

It would be similar to the paintings of Frank Auerbach, who also applied large amount of paint to his paintings and drew his subjects with his paint brush. He is one of the subjects of my essay, so this will tie my essay with my studio work together nicely.

This is a brilliant idea, and I hope to make a start tomorrow, especially since the Easter holidays start next week.

I was planning on leaving for home on Friday, but I think I will stay and work on my paintings instead. It is for the best, since my second year is coming to an end.



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