Nothing but procrastinating

I try so hard to work, but I keep procrastinating. I know I need to produce a final painting for year two, and I know I need to finish my report for my exhibition practice this week. But I keep putting it off, either because I am bored with it (the report) or I don’t know what to do (painting).

I tried to continue my duality paintings, but I feel they aren’t good enough or they may be missing something. I need to really think about what to do next.

I had group tutorial with Andrea, and I presented my eyes from the private view. They loved my eyes, and suggested I look at similar work from the Optical art movement. The movement features artwork that is very similar to my paintings, as the artists explore the nature perception and optical effects.

Andrea and the others also suggested that I use tondo again, but I am reluctant. I might one day, but for now, I just want to my things my way.


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