For a long time, I’ve always felt two-faced. Sometimes, I can be calm, laid-back and outgoing. Other times, I can be lazy, short-tempered and insecure. The have always been two-sides to my personality, and now I plan on making a painting, based on my own duality.

I will explore duality in the real-world and in fiction, and look at artistic interpretations of duality.

I have already made a start, producing two paintings that relate to this theme.


I emailed a photograph of myself to my Hotmail, inserted it onto a word document, and printed it out in the library. Afterwards, I cut the picture in two, and painted an image of myself as a draag (the aliens from Fantastic Planet) next to each half. This ties in with my theme of duality, because I sometimes feel alienated, and I often feel like I am on a different planet.

I plan on expanding this concept, and produce a larger painting before my second year is over.

Had another theory session with Tom, but I struggled to keep my eyes open (one of the downsides of going to bed late and waking up early). No theory next week (yes!), which means I have time to work on my essay and studio practice.

I continued to work on my report for my exhibition practice, but I still haven’t reached 2000 words yet, and it is getting on my nerves.


2 comments on “Two-Faced

  1. PS…We all have many layers of our personality, we are all complex and ever evolving, works in progress. Your self reflection is great.


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