Intervention at the Pitt River

I spent the weekend at my Mum’s house in Yarnton, which made getting to the Pitt rivers museum fairly easy. Everyone else had already arrived, and were waiting for me in the entrance hallway.

We met Andrew the curator, and he explained what we could and could not do in the museum. We weren’t allowed to use paints or charcoal, which meant no one used the ones I brought over from my studio. It was a shame, but I understand why he didn’t want us to use them. We were allowed to use a tub of coloured chalk, as long as we don’t get any dust on the floor.

Andrew took us upstairs to the first floor, where we would set up out intervention. First, we had to tape the two sheets of paper onto the floor, so they would move. We used two sheet because the roll of paper we brought to the museum was huge, so we decided to cut it in half and have people draw on the two sheets instead of just one.

I then invited other art students, who were studying in the museum, to draw anything they saw on the first floor onto one of the sheets of paper. I even got to draw a few pictures myself, at-least four in total.



These are the pictures that I drew, and I have to say, I really enjoyed myself.




These are the pictures that the students (and a few young children) drew. It was great seeing all these drawings from everyone. They showed a good use of tone, colour and spacing. All of the drawings really highlighted how welcoming the museum is to everyone one in Oxford and in Britain.

When Andrew left to get lunch, we had to pack everything up and leave the museum.

Overall, it was a great day.



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