Careers and Private Views

Due to the recent terror attacks in London, I wasn’t able to go to my private view last Thursday. I wanted to go with a member of my family, but they were either too busy or were too worried (understandably) about the deaths in Westminster. I am a bit disappointed, especially since I worked so hard, and I wanted some of my family to see my work in person. Still, there nothing anyone can do.

The rest of Thursday was OK. I had a lecturer come in, and he talked about possible careers and employment after university. He talked about CVs, developing our portfolios for future employment. I have been thinking about finding employment soon, I just haven’t found the right job yet. Of the possible jobs I want, I want to work in an art gallery or art shop, since I my course is related to find art. I hope to look into possible employment soon.

Had another Critical theory with Tom, which was OK.

I did a little studio work, but not much.


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