Studio wall painting and essay

Went over my essay with Fiona today, and it looks like I am making real progress. She looked over what I have done so far, and liked what she read. She did make a few notes, but overall, I think I am getting closer to finishing my essay.

After lunch, I did more studio painting. The outline from when I painted my tondo on the wall was still there, so I decided to make two new paintings inside the outlines.

Visually, my wall paintings resemble the stripped shirt of Dennis the Menace.


The edge around the outline was misshapen, so I had to smooth them out with either red or black acrylic paint. The result is two paintings, which look like custom sunglasses.

I also added white irises to my red-eye paintings.


The iris really adds more to the pictures.

The other thing I did was buy train tickets to go to the private viewing of my large paintings tomorrow.


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