Finding a place to stay

With my second year coming to an end, I decided that it would be best if I find a place to live for my final year. I went to the accommodations office to talked about living somewhere that was close to the university, and they suggested that I talk to someone about sharing a house next year.

I spoke to Angus (a student on my fine art course) and we agreed to look up prices for flats in Farnham. The prices for flats in Farnham are either over a thousand pounds or a hundred. I forgot how expensive house hunting is. I may need to think about my living arrangements.

I also had a talk with Paul about my recent studio work, and he thinks I should do more art just like it. He also suggested that I look at other artists, whose work is similar to my own (like Mike Kelly and Jim Shaw).

My essay is progressing well, though I will need to look it over with Fiona.


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