Setting up for Private View

Today, I went to the Lewisham Arthouse to hang up my red-eyed paintings for the upcoming private view.

The plan was to put my art in the van, and catch the 9.58 train to Clapham Junction, change to the train to Newgate Cross station and walk to Lewisham. However, the van was late, so I had to wait. Eventually, once everyone’s artwork was placed inside the van and I left for the train station with Joe and Lucy.

Once we got to the arthouse, I had to wait for my art to arrive, and as soon as it did, I immediately walked to the van and got everything out.

Actually setting up my work was very stressful. With Lucy, we had to measure the width of the wall I was going to hang my paintings from, to ensure that they didn’t look crooked or crossed eyed. We also had to tape around the area where I will apply the blue paint for my background, and install the batons for the bars on my tondos.

I got angry at certain times ( the loud music I listen to earlier didn’t help), but I managed to calm myself down long enough to finish the installation of my work. Honestly, we did a great job setting everything up.20170320_15532320170320_155856

Thanks to Lucy and Sunny (another member if my course, who helped me with the drilling), my eyes were successfully installed. I can’t wait for the Private View this Thursday.






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