Packing up for Private View and Essay update

My essay is coming along very well. Anxious to see if anymore changes were necessary, I went to Tom and had him look over some of it. He liked what he saw so far, but recommended the inclusions of other critics thoughts on the artists, as opposed to just my own thoughts. I can look up reviews from critics online, or from some of the books I have collected for other opinions on the artists. I also wrote down a small description about my work for the private view, referencing the film and how it influenced my paintings.

For critical theory, Tom talked about the relevance of critical theory and how the military in Pakistan used artistic ideas to outmaneuver their enemies. They broke through wall of nearby buildings, scaring the occupants and went through the hole. This way, they could surprise the enemy from behind. It shows that space can be changed to suit the vision of others and used for their own benefits, whether they be artistic or not.

With the private view next week, we started packing all of my work for Monday. We wrapped up my paintings in thick layers of bubble wrap, and placed it in a bag. The second bag has all of my tools for the installation, including the frog tape and the tub of cobalt blue.

Once everything was packed, we went to the downstairs studio and left everything there.

Prior to that, I did some last-minute painting on my eyes, just to smooth out the edges. Sometimes, I just don’t know when tos top. But now, everything is perfect.

Everything is ready. Next week, the private viewing.



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