Preparing Tondo and plans for Pitt Rivers

I finally started work on my tondo canvases today, but it was very difficult and frustrating.

But, I had help from Kelly and Kate, and together, we pushed through it.



First, we collected three wooden boards. I planned to cut at least two or more circular discs from out of the wood, turning them into MDF sheets. I wanted both discs to be roughly the same size, otherwise they would look awkward. So, Kate and I drew marks on the boards. By doing this, it made it easy to cut a near perfect circle with the saw. Kelly did one board as an example, and we did the next two. These boards are now MDF sheets.20170314_102707

After that, we smooth the surface and edges of the discs with sandpaper. Then, we were given batons and bars.


The batons are for the backs of the tondos, while the bars will be put into the wall. The batons will hang from the bars. Before we could get to this, we had to measure them all four, and drill holes into each one.

I hammered the batons into the backs of the tondos, catching my thumb a few times. Thankfully, I didn’t break my thumb or fingers.

Next, we got out a piece of canvas (which I paid for later on) and tore it in two. Then, we began to staple the canvas onto my tondos.


This proved to be EXTREMELY frustrating, as the staple gun we were using didn’t always shoot out any staples. We had to press it hard against the surface to get at-least one staple to come out. I got so angry I almost walked out, but I stayed and watched Kate and Kelly do the first one. I helped with the second one.

Eventually, we managed to staple the two canvases onto the discs.


Once both canvases were on, we went to my studio, and hung them on my wall.

Before I could prim my canvases, I had an exhibition meeting with my group. We talked it over, and agreed to bring several drawing tools to the Pitt Rivers Museum on March 27th. I will bring paint and charcoal, as well as a few paint brushes. I may need to buy more paint, as some of mine are beginning to run low. We all agreed to meet outside the museum at, which means I need to get up fairly early.

After lunch, I went back to my space, and primed my canvases with white paint. I needed at-least two coats.


Once the paint I had dried, I coated both surfaces with red acrylic paint.


I waited for the red paint to dry, just enough so I can paint the edges black. This is to recreate the dark shading under the eyes of the aliens.


Once I started painting the edges, I went over a little bit. This was fine with me, since I was going to go over them anyway.

Once I knew the red paint had dried enough, I painted two black pupils in the middle of each eye.


And for the finishing touch, I painted two white spots next to the pupils.


Once I find out the price for a tub of light blue paint, my piece will be complete.

In addition to my painting, I also continued my essay for April. I need to crack on with that, but getting all the details is a pain.

I have come so far, and now, look at the results.







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