Getting ready for review week

Review has arrived, and I still had a few bits and pieces to add to my space before Paul comes in to look at my work.

While I was painting my Two-Face portrait, Kate pointed out that my review on the Private views o Henry Hudson and Peter McDonald needed more thoughts and criticisms, as my review on Tickle Torture was more detailed. S, I went to the library, added more to my thoughts on the private views, copied all three onto word documents and printed them out. I also inserted pictures from all three private views onto the word documents, as Paul will want to see the pictures.

I went back to my studio and finished my Two-Face painting.


I hope to make a large-scale version soon.

I had group critique in the afternoon, so I brought my three red-eyed paintings with me.


I explained why I made them, what they represent and how they tie into my final painting for the London show. Andrea liked my work, but recommended that I look at the eyes of the aliens from Fantastic Planet, and make them more realistic when I paint them next time (for instance, I should add the white iris in the eye).

The three other students presented their work, and they all looked impressive.


Out of the three, I would have to say that Filip’s artwork is my favorite. It reminded me of Robert Crumb, and his insane art. The illustrations represent the stressed mindset of Filip, and doing these pictures helps to ease the stress.


I also made more red-eyed paintings, hoping to make them more realistic.

Not bad way to start the week.


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