Test Space

Started work on my test space today, and I must admit, I had mixed feelings about it. I wanted to do it, but I felt it would have taken me all day, and I had a tech session at three.

That is the thing with test spaces, you have to arrange everything in a certain way that appeals to you,and will appeal to the audience. Fortunately, with Kate’s help, I managed to hang all of my paintings. Here are the best arrangements and displays:


I am very proud with what I have done today. At first, I did it with frustration, but after thinking about it, I realised that doing once just wasn’t good enough. So, I canceled my session, went back to my space and did it again, only this time with more enthusiasm. Once I got started, I couldn’t stop, and I felt more confident in setting up my test space for the London show.

Once we were finished, we went to the library and printed out the pictures of my test space. Kate had to edit some of them, since my space was very dark, and had very little light.

I even managed to print out all of the pictures of my past work from the last three months and put them in my new binder for next week’s review. I feel like I have everything under control.

I also got in contact with the curator at the Pitt Rivers museum, and tried to make arrangements for my group to set up our intervention in two weeks. However, in those two weeks, we will be busy with the london show, so we can’t make it. Luckily, Rowan (our de-facto leader) agreed for us to set up our intervention on March 27th.

Near the end of the day, I went back to my studio, and started work on another project I have been hoping to do for some time.


Based on one of my favourite comic book villains, Two-Face, this is a painting of my “two sides”. First side is my normal self, while the second is my evil self. I plan to make an enlarged version of this later.

Originally, I wanted to do this for the London show, but Paul’s suggestion from yesterday changed my plans.

I thought this week was going to be stressful, but in the end, it turned out to be a pretty good week.



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