Talks and paintings

Yesterday. we had a talk from two art students, who are on their final year. They talked about their work, what inspired them, opportunities after university and offered to talk to us about our own work. The first, Samuel Gough-Yates, presented artwork from his performance degree show, where he played several performance videos, each one depicting a different action, such as throwing bricks against a wall and rolling steel pipes down a flight of stairs.

The second, Christopher Taylor, focuses on the past and the present in his artwork.

The talk from both graduates were very good and insightful. The one thing I took away from it was the employment of artists, as I have been thinking about finding employment for myself after I finish UCA. I am considering working at an art gallery, or working in the studio of a well-known artist (Peter Blake, David Hockney or the Chapman Brothers). I will look into this soon, as I am nearing the end of my second year. Here are some pictures of their artwork:

20170307_13565920170307_140757Samuel Gough-Yates

20170307_14295920170307_143022Christopher Taylor


I continued my colour field paintings, drawing more inspiration from comic books. Two paintings are based on two comic book villains, The Joker and The Green goblin. The third is based on a previous painting I did a few weeks ago and is based on the shirt of Charlie Brown from Peanuts.


I will talk to Josephine and explain what I want to hang for the show on march 20th. Basically, I need to explain to Josephine what my final painting for the London show will be , and I need to tell her soon.





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