Painting for London Show

I spent most of the day in my studio, working on my paintings for the London show in two weeks.

For my first painting of the day, I based it on one of my favourite cartoon characters, Courage the Cowardly dog. I painted it on the inside of a cereal box.


I am very pleased with how the painting had turned out, and I think most people will recognise the character.

Afterwards, I went to the library, and showed my full essay to Fiona. She looked it over, and made some suggestions to help me improve the contents of the essay. I don’t have to give it in until April, so I still have time.

I keep listening to loud music, and it is not helping my mood, or my artwork. I need to stop listening to it so early in the morning. Still, I managed to get some art done.

After lunch, I decided to buy two more canvases and paint two more eyes, exactly like my first fantastic planet painting. My plan is to hang them on a wall, with both eyes staring back at the viewer. This creates a sense of unease, similar to how I felt when looking into the eyes of the aliens from Fantastic Planet. If not this, then something very similar. I have one idea, but I need to plan it out, and buy bigger canvases.


I also asked Kate to get me two books on Morris Louis and Sol Lewitt, so I can continue my artist research.


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