Essay and birthday lunch

It is a very special day today, as it is my birthday! I am now 25 years old, and to celebrate, I had lunch with my dad. The food was great, though I sadly can’t remember the name of the restaurant. If I did, I would recommend it,as the service was excellent, and the staff were very kind.

As for my studio work, I produced two paintings in my sketchbook. The first was another comic book coloured field, once again referencing the Riddler.


The second was based on one of my favorite types of food, a cheese pizza with pepperoni.


While working on these paintings, I thought about what I am going to submit for the upcoming London show this month. I thought about giving in one painting, but decided to do something else, something more bold and ambitious. I think I might buy four more canvases, paint each one yellow and with a red dot in the middle. When I install them for the show, I will arrange them to form a single image. The image will be a pizza, cut into four parts.

I had another idea, where I would make two more fantastic plant paintings, paintings two eyes of one of the aliens from the movie, but on two canvases. It will look like they are stirring at the audience.

I could also expand my riddler painting, and make it a two-part painting, similar to my pizza paintings.

I also started to work on my proper essay for critical theory. For my example, I talked about the comparisons between Hockney, Jean-Michel and Auerbach. For the proper essay, I replaced Jean with Scottish painter, Peter Howson. The reason I chose peter is because I relate to him more, since we both have Asperger’s syndrome and often find it difficult to work.

He would make a good contrast against Hockney and Auerbach.

I also continued my artist research, this time looking at the work Frank Stella.

Overall, it was a great day.










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