As part of my practice, I had to review three pieces of crit work from the show. I needed to write two positive reviews, and one negative.

I was reluctant (as always), but I managed to write the reviews, and I was very critical on one piece. The piece was a bunch of bananas and cardboard boxes stuck onto a wall, which was painted yellow. it was supposed to reference consumerism, but it just looked too random to me. Still, I liked the use of a consistent colour.

The best piece of work I review was this one:


A fantastic parody of Donald trump, mixed with Disney. This was made by Fillip, whose artwork is very political in tone, but this was by far his most direct satirical artwork. Love how he mixed Donald Duck with Trump, and how he reference the outlandish and cartoon-like nature of Trump’s administration with actual cartoons.

Once I had finished my reviews, I went back to my studio and worked on my painting. The first painting I did turned into an egg, which ties in nicely with my previous food art.

My next painting took cues from my movie villain paintings, as it reference one of my favorite villains from the batman comics, the Riddler.20170228_140809

It was a good day.




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