Installing art for crit show

Today, I installed my art for the upcoming critique show.  At first, I thought I just be hanging my one painting, but Paul looked at the pictures of the others, and strongly recommended that I bring them down and hang them as well.


Aside from hanging my paintings, I had to write and print off a brief description of my work, and stick it next to them.

Looking at my one of my paintings, I noticed that it had a smudge in the corner. Some people probably wouldn’t notice it, but I would. So, I took it back to the studio, and painted the white background in dark green acrylic. Frankly, it looks better this way.


I hung the painting next to the others, and the arrangement looks fantastic.


Paul also suggested I turn the striped painting right-side up, so now it looks like a set of teeth.

I also started to look into more private views to visit next month, as I now have only two more to go to and document. I also started research into another artist whose art is similar to the series of painting I have been doing lately, and his name is Sol Lewitt. I also plan on doing research on Morris Louis, an artist whose work I saw in Amsterdam.

I plan on uploading pictures of artwork from the crit show onto my Instagram account later.

Tomorrow, I need to write at-least two reviews: one positive and one negative.

Overall, today was not as stressful as I thought it be.



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