Painting for crit show, setting up and Private View

Yesterday, I continued my paintings for next week’s critique show. I’ve decided that colour fields are more fitting for me, since they are perfectly aligned and structured. With each painting I produce, I get stronger results.


For the painting at the bottom, I was inspired by the shirt of Charlie Brown. Brown reminds me of myself, as I am often insecure and feel a bit wishy-washy sometimes. Out of all the fictional characters I have seen, Charlie Brown is the one I sympathize with the most.

Later int he afternoon, I had a meeting with Tom, and we went over my essay example. Tom liked the direction I am going, but suggested that I look deeper into my subjects.

After University, I went to London with an old friend and we attend a private viewing of a new series of “paintings” by British artist, Henry Hudson. Using slightly melted Plasticine, Hudson create realistic, and stunning environments and portraits. His new series, Sun City Tanning, is depict a tropical forest. It is both haunting and beautiful. If you look closely, you can see the impressions from the artist’s hands and thumbs on the Plasticine. The art was amazing, truly captivating and represents the potential of alternative forms of art. I met the artist and asked why he used Plasticine. He said he couldn’t afford any oil paints, so he chose Plasticine. It gave him texture and details that he could never have achieved with oil paints, and he has been experimenting with Plasticine ever since. Hudson himself was very humble, kind and looked pleased with the number of people who had come to see his work. If I had one criticism, it was the room. There were loads of people at the private view, and it wasn’t easy to move about in the room. And it was extremely noisy, and you could hardly heat yourself talk. There was only one room that was relatively peaceful, but it didn’t have any artwork from Hudson, apart from a vase. I think Hudson should have hung up at-least one of two smaller Plasticine pictures, thought considering all the work he put into the larger pictures, I understand why he would probably be burnt out by that point.

Overall, it was a great way to end Thursday.

As for today, I cracked on with my final paintings, and helped prepare the down stairs studio for critique week. I helped to paint the walls, but we had to wait for Paul to buy more paint, and get more paint brushes and rollers. While I helped as best I could, I really wanted to get back to my studio, so I left and went back to my space.

I was really stressed, and wanted to finish so badly, I made a few mistakes. Fortunately, I corrected them.

Recently, I bought 3 canvases and planned on painting my final paintings on them. I wanted to use cardboard, but using canvas is more professional.


Originally, I wanted to hand in the painting at the top, but felt it looked too lop-sided.

Eventually, I produced my final (and best) painting of the day.


Inspired by the eerie aliens from the french animated film, Fantastic Planet, I painted this image of one of the alien’s eyes. The image instantly draws in the viewer, never letting go. Initially, I painted the larger circle blue, but because I wanted to accurately recreate the eye of the alien, I painted over the blue with loads of red acrylic, and painting the rest of the canvas with light blue acrylic. Honestly, the all the layers makes the image even better. You can see the texture clearly, and nothing goes over the lines.

The studio will be open on Saturday, so I might go into y studio space, and work on it some more. However, looking at the image, I don’t think that will be necessary.




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