Artists talks and relaxing with painting

I am getting closer and closer to my final painting. So far, my pooh paintings have progressed nicely, getting darker and darker.

My third painting, the one with the gaping mouth in the middle of Pooh’s stomach, could be the one I expand for my final big painting. It matches the criteria of my nursery of horrors, and ties in with my deadly sons artwork, specifically the sin of gluttony.

I also started work on a separate painting, base don the paintings of Kenneth Noland. I haven’t finished yet, but I will tomorrow.

After lunch, I went to R04 for another artist talk, this time by students from the royal academy of art. Three students talked to us about their work, what influenced them, why they chose their medium and gave us advice on what to do with our own work.

After the talk, one of the student’s came to my studio and talked to me about my work. She liked my horror paintings, and suggested I continue to build on them, showing me the work of an artist whose work is similar to my own. She also gave me some advice on how to handle myself when I get angry with my work.

Overall, it was a pretty good day.



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