Theory and study week

Critical theory today, but this time, we had a bonus treat: a presentation by Joe. The subject of this presentation was “the unexpected”. Basically, Joe talked about artists who work is often bizarre, unpredictable and unexpected. To further illustrate this, my TA and Joe’s came into the room, as dressed as a horse. They were like that throughout the duration of the presentation.

It was a good presentation.

I continued my studio work, making good progress with my paintings. Inspired by the colours fields of Barnett Newman and Kenneth Noland (whose artwork I saw in Amsterdam), I painted my own colour fields, two in my sketchbook, and one on the back of a piece of food wrapping.


No drawings, no sketches, just a page filled with colour. With study/exhibition week starting soon, I think I will work on my colour fields and expand on them.

I also did research on continuous line artists for my upcoming group exhibition practice, as well as wrote down an excerpt of an email I plan to send to the Pitt Rivers museum, where I ask them if we can hold our exhibition outside the museum.

I collected more images for my nursery crimes series and printed them off, but when I tried to draw the images, they didn’t turn out so well. I think I am going to stick with my colour fields for the remainder of the month.


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