Exhibition meeting and talking about work

Met my exhibition practice group to discuss our exhibition for march. I told them my idea of a continuous line drawing, where we lay out a large sheet of paper, invite people to draw a line on it, and the line gets bigger and bigger as more people come and continue the drawing.

They all liked my idea, and made a few suggestions, such as the addition of drawing pictures next to the line. For now, this is our initial idea and we are already working on it. One of us has already enlisted the help of their mum, who is an artist, and she will help with promotional art for our exhibition. We have also decided on a choice of venues: the Pitt Rivers museum in Oxford. I know my way around Oxford, and the Pitt Rivers is a well-known institution and a perfect place for people to converge. I will research artists who use continuous lines in their work.

At-least I did something today, as I barely did any studio work, aside from two paintings that didn’t look right and some work collecting more images for my nursery of horror series.


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