Studio and research

Finally did some studio work today, and it is something I have wanted to do for some time: Impressionistic paintings. I like how artist can create a complete image of something or someone without putting in any details, and relies solely on the impressions of the shape that is in front of them. I saw several impressionistic paintings in Amsterdam, and it made me want to do my own as soon as I got back to Farnham.

Before I left for Amsterdam, I took pictures of various objects in my room, with the intention of making my impressions from them. First, I had to print them out int he library (my printer has been fixed and will return to me this Friday).

Once printed out, I painted my impressions onto one side of my cereal box. I plan to go bigger with my impressionistic paintings, though it is a matter of what to paint next. The things I painted impressions of are my laptop bag, an empty bottle of water and my wireless mouse.


For my fourth impressionistic painting, I painting a practice version inside my sketchbook. My fourth impression is a clipboard in my bed room.


I also did some artist research on some of the artists I saw in Amsterdam. I plan on doing a response to one of the pieces of art I saw in the Stedelijk museum.

I also did some work on my essay, but I need context and reference to the quotes that I have used so far.

Better than yesterday, but I feel like I could have done more.


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