This week, I went to Amsterdam for 4 days and 3 nights, walking around the town and visiting several art galleries.

I had to walk through the cold, freezing my legs off and nearly getting run over by bikers. Amsterdam is notorious for its bikers, and several of us almost got run over by some of them during the trip.

I saw a variety of artwork from several art galleries, from paintings to photography and even figurative art sculptures.

My favorite gallery was the Stedlijk Museum. It had a great collection of art across different movements, including minimalism, abstract Expressionism and modern art.

My favorite exhibition was the Jean Tinguely and his imaginative machines. Using a variety of found objects and piece of machinery and inspired by painters such as Paul Klee and Kazmir Malevich, Tinguely created a plethora of sculptures and machines, each one animated by switches, buttons and gears, and coming to life before your very eyes.

His work led to the development of kinetic art. His art is both destructive and constructive, creating something new out of the remains of something else.

I saw loads of great paintings from many well-known artists, such as William De Kooning, Marc Chagall, Piet Mondariaan and Nola Hatterman. Each artist’s style was different and unique, and truly captures why art is an important part of our culture.

My favorite painting at the museum was “On the Terrace” by Nola Hatterman.

The painting depicts black man sitting at a table, with a drink and a newspaper opened up on the other table. It is such a simple image, but has loads of context behind it. It tackles themes like race, livelihood of the working man and trying to establish one’s own identity in a new environment.

I had a great time in Amsterdam, and I would like to go back again. Only when its warm and sunny.

An Englishman in Moscow. Kazimir Malevich.

Note: I do not own any of these pictures. They belong to their respective artists and the museums that house them.

I will also upload more pictures onto my Instagram account, so you can go there and look at the rest.



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