Studio and Essay

With Amsterdam next week, I tried to do as much work as possible, but I kept putting it off and going on my phone. I need to drop this habit, because it is interfering with my work.

Still, I did get some work done. I continued to work on my essay extract. I added quotes from an interview with Frank Auerbach, and pointed out the similarities between myself and Auerbach.

I also printed out an interview with David Hockney, where he talked about how he researched the work of Renaissance artist to help further his own artwork.

I also did more paintings for my Nursery of Horror series.

I had a tough time trying to think of ways to create monstrous versions of all these children characters. With the trip to Amsterdam next week, I won’t be able to continue my series. Still, I think I have done a very good job so far. I especially like how the teeth (from various animals) makes them even more terrifying.

Taking all these fictional characters, and turning them into monsters, has been a great experience. Pepper pig looks like she would fit right in at Freddy’s amusement park.

And the Teletubbies have now been reduced to savage beasts, waiting to rip out someone’s throat.

After weeks of struggle, I am finally getting stuck into my artwork again.



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