Nursery of Horror, Non-Places and Age of Access

Another Thursday, another theory session with Tom. Today, we talked about Non-places and Age of Access. Non places, by Marc Auge, is about the difference between places and non places.

Non-places refers to spaces that have no “relational, historical and concerned with identity”. Examples of non-places are fields, empty buildings and a empty room.

A place is the opposite, and has a established identity, history and relationship with others. Examples of places are restaurants, stores and Universities.

Age of access, by Jeremy Rifkin, is an essay on how we define out relationship with consumerism and materialism.

Each essay was fascinating for a different reasons. Non-places made me think about places I have been to in my life (Waterstones, HMV, comic book shops and restaurants) and how they differ from spaces, such as fields. Fields are just open spaces, and nothing has been established, but if someone were to build a building in the fields, it would be a place.

Age of Access made me think about all the products I own, and how they define who I am. My comics, DVDs and my laptop define as someone who wants to have fun, but can be isolated from others.

I may look of Age of Access, and read  the rest of it.

As for my studio work, I think I now have something to work on. Continuing on from my Candyman bear, I will be making a new series, titled “Nursery Horrors”. Basically, I will print out images of popular characters for children (teletubbies, Barney, etc), and draw them with altered faces and limps. For example, Barney will have an axe for a hand, dripping with blood. I want to show that even something innocent in the world can harbor a dark side, or be corrupted. I got this idea from a disturbing film I saw at the Tate Britain last year. It was a satire on children entertainment, with themes of greed, addiction, consumerism, internet culture and fame.


I also thought about a horror game, about someone trapped in an amusement park, and he is chased by a gang of homicidal robot animals. It is called Fright night at Freddy’s.


I hope to continue this new series tomorrow, if I can.


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