Still figuring things out

I had a mini breakdown today. With everything going on, and my continued attempts to avoid my work, I just broke-down and wanted to quit. But, Kate gave me some encouraging words and helped me through it. She also reminded me that once I get to Amsterdam next week, I will get to see many art galleries and be inspired to make new artwork.

She gave me an interview of Frank Auerbach, and asked me to read it. Since he is one of the artists in my essay extract, I will try to read it tonight.

I did get an idea for a new painting today. Inspired by my horror paintings, I made a painting of the haribo mascot, with a hook coming out of his right hand.


I took inspiration from the Candyman, and combined it with the bear. What ever you do, don’t say his name 5 times, while looking at yourself in a mirror.

I also tried to do a drawing of a tiger, and paint some scars onto it. It would have been based off of Shere Khan. Unfortunately, it didn’t go as I had hoped.


Still, at the very least, it ties back into my earlier studio practice, where I painted over the faces of varies movie characters.

I tried to do another drawing, this time bigger and encompassing the surface of the cereal box.


I got one side right, now I just need to work on the other.

I also took out 120 euros for the Amsterdam trip next week. I can’t wait to go back to Amsterdam, and see all of the art galleries. Hopefully, they will give me some new ideas for my studio practice.


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