Painting and crit

No meeting today (thank goodness), but I still had tutorials with Andrea and I had to bring my finished collage and present it to the group.

For the morning, I did some paintings on my walls, and inside one of my cereal boxes.


My aim is to use my used food packaging and cereal boxes as canvases for future paintings. This saves on the recycling, and saves me having to spend money on a new canvas. This also shows that I am willing to use alternative surfaces for my paintings.

I also painted my mural again, this time altering certain parts of it.


I went to the group critique after lunch, but there was only a small group of us in R04. No one else came, so we just went ahead with our discussion. When it was my turn, I talked about how Peter Blake’s recent collage, our fans, inspired me to make my Gold collage, why I chose sitcom characters and what I could do in the future. Andrea suggested I could go bigger with my collage, perhaps blow it up with the scanner in the library. It is a thought, and I might consider it. The other two students Clare and Angelica) talked about their work, their influences, and how they made their finished work.

After the discussion, I went back to the studio and continue my mural painting, but I didn’t do much else afterwards.


I do have an idea for another art piece, but I will need to collect the images.


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