Artists who currently inspire me

With my Studio practice getting more difficult, I have decided to look at artists whose work has always caught my eye, and who have influenced my artwork during my years at UCA. So, here is a list of artists who are my current influences:

David Hockney:

David Hockney has been one of my Favorite artists for years. I love the attention to detail in his paintings, whether it be landscapes, swimming pools or portraits of his friends and family. There is so much life and energy in his paintings, it feels like you are looking through a window. His work has always been at the back of my mind, and I often look at his work for any new ideas about my artwork.

Peter Blake:

One of the greatest pop artists of the 1960s, Sir Peter Blake is well-known for taking popular images and pictures of pop culture and history, and sticking them together in vivid collage and photomontage. Recently, Blake produced a large-scale collage of famous celebrities and had it adorned on the side of the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, where they have all been guests in the past. It is very similar to his Lonely Hearts Club cover he did for the Beatles in 1967.

I love how Blake is still producing amazing pieces of art, at the age of 84, and this collage made me want to produce my own. My collage will feature comedy characters from various British sitcoms and films.

Jean Michael Basquiat:

One of many famous B=black artists, Jean Micheal Basquiat created striking and vivid paintings, based on his background and culture. Originally a Graffiti artist, Basquiat’s art soon gained notice from the wider art community for its deep themes and references to black culture. Jean died of a drug overdose, a year after his idol and friend, Andy Warhol, passed away. His art still resonates with people to this day, and has inspired many artists from all backgrounds and nationalities.

I like the visuals of Michael’s paintings, as they may look childish, but they have a deeper context behind them and instantly catches the attention of the viewer. I have been doing similar paintings in my studio, but they are nowhere near as good as Michael’s

Frank Auerbach:

Frank Auerbach is another one of my favorite artist, perhaps even more so than Hockney. On first glance, his paintings don’t look like much, but once you take a closer look, you begin to see the depth and complexity of his portraits. From landscapes to personal friends, Auerbach’s paintings rely heavily on think brush strokes, creating detailed impressions of his subjects. His work also highlights the strengths of painting as a medium, and its vast potential.

It is Frank’s work that made me want to be a painter, and further develop my style of painting.

Note: I don’t own any of these images. They are property to their respective owners, and I have no intention of profiting off of them.






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