Essay and collage

With the week coming to an end, I decided to try and work on my collage. I’ve already printed out the images, now I just needed a background. Considering the characters I will be using, I chose a location from Only Fools: The Nag’s head pub. I also found an image of the word gold, which resembles the logo for the Gold comedy channel. I plan on printing them out, blow up the picture of the pub to A2, stick onto an A2 sheet of paper, and stick the other images on afterwards.

I did two paintings today, similar to the paintings of Philip Guston, one of the artists I am researching.


These images also relate to the saying, “my eyes are up here”, as it relates to the idea that most men just view women for their bodies and nothing else.

Speaking of which, I thought I was going to talk about the article on Women in film today with Tom, but instead, he gave us another essay to do. We have to finish it by April, so at least I have some time to think about it. For the essay, I have to talk about 2 or 3 contemporary artists, their work and how it relates to a certain period in cultural history. I need to do through research into the artists of my choosing, their influences, the similarities between them and a key text that relates to their work. I will also need to include some quotes from them as well.

I am not looking forward to starting this stupid essay, but at-least I am making a start on my collage. I hope to start work on it tomorrow.



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