Trying to sort things out

Ever since the review, I have been spinning my wheels, trying to think of something, anything to work on. My collage, my paintings and my research. I am trying, but it feels like I how so much on my plate, and I need to work on something and develop it as best as I can, before the trip in two weeks. Speaking of which, I finally sorted out my payment for Amsterdam, which was a huge relief.

I spent the rest of the day doing research on a new artist (Philip Guston), working in my studio and printing out my images for my collage. I also talked to Kate about my work, and I answered her questions as best I could.

Right now, here are my current art projects:

1. A response to Peter Blake’s latest large-scale collage, which is an homage to his Beatles cover. The images I will be using for my collage will be British comedy characters from various sitcoms, including Allo Allo, Only Fools, Open all hours and Last of the Summer Wine.

2. A  series of paintings on food packaging. I have been planning on using food packaging for an art piece for some time, and this felt like the best opportunity to use them. I also want to continue my painting, using different surfaces and see how they look. My goal is to show the strength and beauty of painting, similar to Frank Auerbach. Visually, I am currently inspired by the figures in the paintings of Jean Michael Basquiat, a prominent black artist and one of the best artists from the 20th century. I was planning on sticking all of these painted images into an empty cereal box, but my plans have changed.

3. Art that relates to current superhero comics and how I think they are going down hill. Too many events, more focus on old characters instead of new, and poor attempts at being relevant. The artwork I plan on using will be a mixture of styles I have used over the years.

4. Four photographs of myself, with four images of things that I like, pasted over my face.


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