Amsterdam meeting, Project Live and Painting

I had hoped to continue my painting this morning, but I had to attend another meeting downstairs. Paul has placed me in another group, and together, we have to produce a collaborative intervention piece with an artist of our choosing. The intervention must be in a public area, someplace that is well-known and will have loads of people.  We also looked at examples of different types of art practices, such as social practice, Participatory art, community based art and interventionist art.

I may have to research at-least one of these forms of art practice very soon.

I went back to the studio, and continued to work on my paintings.

After lunch, I had a meeting with Fiona, and we talked about the progress of my work. I showed her my work, and she was very impressed. She kept asking me what my work was about, and I said it was mostly for fun, and that it is based on the art of Jean Michael Basquiat. It made me think, and I realize that I need a theme behind my work, connect to something in the world, like how Jean’s work references race and his own background.

After Fiona, I went back to my work, but I had another meeting late on, this time with tom. We talked about my work, and Tom took me to the library and showed me the shelf with books on painters. He showed me one artist, whose artwork has caught my eye. I just need to remember his name.

Lastly, I had a meeting about the upcoming Amsterdam trip, and now I need to start packing as soon as possible. Paul showed us the hotel we will be staying for the week, the galleries and exhibitions we will see and the map of the area. Since I have been to Amsterdam before, I think I will remember some of the sights and buildings.

I went back tot he studio, and complied all of the paintings I have done so far.


After all of the talking I have been subjected to over the years, I think I have another idea for a new piece of art. I will also explore “darker” territory for a new series of paintings.



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